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With its unique in-app technology, Sqreen revolutionizes
the way engineering teams protect apps from intrusions & data loss.
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Works with
  • Sqreen for Ruby apps
  • Sqreen for Python apps
  • Sqreen for NodeJS apps
  • Sqreen for PHP apps
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Security. But your way

Detect attackers before they hit

Detect attackers early

Stay one step ahead of attackers with instant notifications. Learn which of your users are a risk.

Stop intrusions. Prevent data loss.

Stop intrusions. Protect data

Shut down attacks immediately, with protection from the OWASP Top 10, account takeover attacks and more.

Remediate as a team

Remediate as a team

Developers, DevOps, and Security can see for themselves what's gone wrong, and prioritize to get it right.

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Powerful Security at Scale

Security developers love

Security… without the bad bits!

Get up and running in minutes. Start getting results in just three commands. No code modification or maintenance is required.
Get actionable remediation information with the stack trace of every attack.

Easy installation
            echo "gem 'sqreen'" >> Gemfile
bundle install
echo "token: your token" >> config/sqreen.yml
            pip install sqreen
echo -e '[sqreen]\ntoken: your token' >> sqreen.ini
import sqreen
            npm install --save sqreen
echo '{ "token": "your token" }' > sqreen.json
            // This should be the first line of your app

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