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Real-Time Security
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Works with
  • Sqreen for Ruby apps Ruby
  • Sqreen for Rails apps Rails
  • Sqreen for Python apps Python
  • Sqreen for NodeJS apps Node js

Why choose Sqreen?

  1. Protect against attacks in real time

    Automated and continuous
    protection against attacks

    Protect your app against attacks at runtime without traffic redirection or code modification.

  2. Monitor & improve your security

    security monitoring

    Get a real-time visibility on the security events of your web application.

  3. Detect suspicious user account activities

    remediation details

    Attack details provide developer-friendly informations to fix code vulnerabilities.

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Security Made Simple


          echo "gem 'sqreen'" >> Gemfile
bundle install
echo "token: your token" >> config/sqreen.yml

That's right, only three commands!
          echo "sqreen" >> requirements.txt;
pip install -r requirements.txt
echo -e '[sqreen]\ntoken: your token' >> sqreen.ini
import sqreen
          npm install --save sqreen
echo '{ "token": "your token" }' > sqreen.json
          // This should be the first line of your app

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