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Powerful intrusion and data loss protection

With its unique in-app technology, the Sqreen agent detects the attack from inside the application without having to redirect your traffic nor modify your code. Correlating the attack with information from the lowest level of the execution (and not just flat regex patterns), Sqreen blocks the attack without triggering any false positives. The agent puts performance first and works asynchronously from your app. Detecting and blocking an attack typically takes less than a millisecond.


Link attacks to authenticated users

Authenticated attacks have the biggest attack surface and being able to link security events to authenticated users stressing your app is key to identifying attackers early. Sqreen can link malicious activity to authenticated users, providing you with additional security insights into your app's users.


Your privacy is protected

The agent processes the attack data and only sends relevant information for further analysis. Your privacy is protected as no PII or other private information is sent out of your application.


Visibility for easy remediation as a team

Dashboards and notifications provide full visibility into your application security. Remediation details (including stack traces) are provided to help engineering teams easily fix vulnerabilities.

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