Application Security Engineer

Type: Full time software engineer Location: Paris, France

Position Summary

You will be responsible for discovering and investigating web security issues that have been discovered in the frameworks that Sqreen is protecting (such as Rails, Sinatra, Django, Flask, Express...), as well as the new attack trends against web applications. You will also design protection logic against wide categories of attacks. This includes researching and designing cutting edge protections regarding new categories of defense mechanism (e.g. the CSP / SRI trends...).

If you want a 100& R&D job, with both vulnerability exploitation, development, and a chance to go public about your findings and developments, Sqreen is for you.

You are fan of digging into products to see how they work, and you love to see how they could be used differently. You are intimately familiar with web application technologies and love to write code. Your hobby is to hunt security bugs.

You will work with the agent development teams, and will suggest features to be implemented in company’s products. Candidate will have a high consideration of reliability, low-latency, redundancy.

Candidate will travel on a regular basis to attend security conferences (Europe, North American, Asia).

Responsibilities & Technical Qualifications

Responsibilities will include:

  • Evaluating and qualifying new vulnerabilities on major Web frameworks and languages
  • Engineering related Sqreen defense methods for the relevant vulnerabilities
  • Deploying the protections built amongst Sqreen users
  • Proactively keeping current with relevant technical trends, techniques, tools and systems
  • Hacking Sqreen infrastructure to make it stronger

Qualifications wanted:

  • Experience in vulnerability research and penetration testing regarding Web environments
  • Excellent knowledge of these vulnerabilities counter measures: Same origin policy, CORS, CSP, HSTS…
  • Strong experience with computer and network security, authentication, security protocols and applied cryptography
  • Proficient in at least Python, Ruby or JavaScript
  • Passion for hunting vulnerabilities
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science, computer engineering, statistics, mathematics or similar field
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Sqreeners are security focused people who care about developers


Sqreen relies on a virtuous community, which is why our culture is all about sharing and transparency. Sqreen contributes to the Open Source community. Much of our work is shared in conferences, meetups and articles.

Our work environment is modern, casual, and respectful. Our engineering team is based in Paris. You will join a highly technical and product-driven team and contribute to an extraordinary game changing technology.

You will be proud to be part of it.