Docker / Software engineer

Type: Internship Location: Paris, France

What is Sqreen

Software is eating the world. But the bad guys are hacking software products every day. We are a team from the Apple internal security team, and we are on a mission to make application security simple for all developers.

Sqreen is a SaaS product that helps developers detect security issues, protect them from attacks, and gives engineering teams the information they need to build better applications.

The job

Our infrastructure is based on several images and containers. Some of our customers have highly sensitive data and need our solution to be available on in-house servers or private cloud. You will work on delivering a fully-functional solution through containers that will:

  • be upgradable;
  • check its own integrity;
  • report its metrics (privacy and confidentiality wise);
  • work with limited connectivity;
  • be protected against malicious activity;
  • keep client's data safe against the solution's reverse engineering.

The candidate will also develop various other Sqreen platform features and will have the opportunity to become a key contributor of the engineering team and be part of a team of experts in the field.

Responsibilities & Technical Qualifications

Responsibilities will include:

  • Implementing and testing software modules and/or features
  • Producing technical documentation with shipped software components
  • Translating technical requirements to engineering tasks

Qualifications wanted:

  • Experience with Python and/or Ruby programming
  • Experience on various cloud services (e.g., AWS, Google cloud, etc.)
  • Experience on various container solution (and more specifically with Docker)
  • Proficient with Linux on both bare-metal and virtualized environments
  • Student in computer science / engineering school
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Sqreeners are security focused people who care about developers


Sqreen relies on a virtuous community, which is why our culture is all about sharing and transparency. Sqreen contributes to the Open Source community. Much of our work is shared in conferences, meetups and articles.

Our work environment is modern, casual, and respectful. Our engineering team is based in Paris. You will join a highly technical and product-driven team and contribute to an extraordinary game changing technology.

You will be proud to be part of it.