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What is Sqreen

Software is eating the world. But the bad guys are hacking software products every day. We are a team from the Apple internal security team, and we are on a mission to make application security simple for all developers.

Sqreen is a SaaS product that helps developers detect security issues, protect them from attacks, and gives engineering teams the information they need to build better applications.

The job

You have a high consideration of reliability, low-latency, redundancy, and security, and you will be responsible for designing and implementing our technology in charge of monitoring security anomalies within web applications and blocking attacks.

You will work on server modules & Docker plugins performing dynamic instrumentation, application security protection, and run-time monitoring. You will work closely with backend and data science teams to design new features, protocols and protection.

You will share your work within publications, conferences, and meetups.

Responsibilities & Profile


  • Design and implement key features running within our customers' applications
  • Work with backend and data science teams to enhance data flow, performance and reliability
  • Build, test and release the Sqreen agent
  • Produce technical posts and document the software you ship
  • Attend conferences and meetups to share your work


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science or computer engineering
  • Strong experience with Go programming
  • Experience with C programming and C internals is a considerable asset
  • Experience with advanced debugging, and build chain
  • Ability to design custom protocols, services and frameworks
  • Experience with the Docker ecosystem
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