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Protect larger web applications, share security issues within the team.

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30 days data retention

3 seats and 5 apps

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Protect all your web apps with power users features and higher limits.

Starting at $1500 /mo

Custom requests volume

Custom monitored active users

Basic team permissions

60 days data retention

Custom seats and 10 apps

Prioritized email support

Basic SSO

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Protect your mission-critical apps with enterprise grade features, services & support.

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Custom protection rules

Custom user data, events

Granular team permissions

Custom data retention

Custom seats and number of apps

Dedicated security engineer

Advanced SSO (SAML)


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Detailed features

In-app vulnerabilities

  • Identify application vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced vulnerability stack traces & reports
  • Vulnerable 3rd dependencies
  • Severity level of vulnerabilities
  • Priority vulnerability coverage
  • Custom vulnerability actions

App security Monitoring & Protection

  • Real-time protection against attacks
  • In-app security monitoring
  • 1-click HTTP security headers
  • Content security policy
  • Blacklist (users, countries, IPs)
  • Custom events
  • Custom technology support

User Monitoring and Protection

  • Account Takeover Protection
  • Suspicious user behavior analytics
  • IP & email reputation
  • PII data scrubbing
  • User tracking across microservices
  • Custom user data and events
  • Custom data scrubbing
  • option
  • Admin/VIP User extra-monitoring


  • Custom HTTP status in case of attacks
  • Custom redirect rule in case of attacks
  • Custom workflows


  • Max number of protected apps
  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • custom
  • Max number of protected requests
  • 500k. 3m with a badge
  • From 3m to 200m
  • custom
  • unlimited
  • Max number of monitored active users per month
  • 1K. 5k with a badge
  • From 5k to 1m
  • custom
  • unlimited
  • On-demand caps
  • Custom performance cap
  • option

Support & Guidance

  • Support
  • email
  • email
  • prioritized email support (option)
  • dedicated support
  • Security Onboarding
  • option
  • Managed security (dedicated Sqreen engineer monitoring security issues)
  • option

Account Access

  • Secure environment - 2FA, HTTPS, API keys
  • Maximum number of seats
  • 1
  • 3
  • custom
  • unlimited
  • Multi-User Access
  • Team Permissions & ACL
  • basic permissions
  • granular permissions
  • Basic SSO
  • Advanced SSO (SAML)
  • option
  • Access to account Audit Logs


  • Infrastructure type
  • shared
  • shared
  • dedicated (option)
  • dedicated (option)
  • Infrastructure region customization
  • option
  • Service SLA
  • option
  • Support SLA
  • option

Analytics & Insights

  • Retention of security data
  • 7 days
  • up to 30 days
  • up to 60 days
  • custom


  • Slack and email alerts
  • Webhook integration
  • New Relic Insights
  • Alerting tools integration
  • Export API
  • Custom SIEM integration

Enterprise-only Features

  • Custom billing and invoicing
  • Custom legal terms
  • SOC2 Report
  • HIPAA/BAA agreement
  • option

Have a question?

  • Why should I trust Sqreen with my app and security?

    Security is our utmost priority. Our team has played lead roles in designing and building highly secure applications at companies like Apple, Airbus and a variety of startups and security consulting companies. Our customers handle billions of requests per month and over 95% of them are in full protection mode for their production traffic.

  • What is included in the free trial? What happens when my free trial expires?

    The trial is full-featured and includes unlimited requests. After the trial expires, you can upgrade your plan. If you don’t, we will downgrade your trial to our developer plan.

  • What is a request? What is an app?

    A request is an HTTP request handled by your application. We advise you to use one app per service to get the best value and visualization of Sqreen. An app is a production app that is equivalent to a service: an API, a Backend for Frontend (BFF), etc. Only production apps count towards the plan limit.

  • What is a monthly active user?

    A user who successfully authenticated or performed security events per calendar month and per application.

  • What happens if I exceed the monthly limit of my plan?

    No stress. We will contact you before you exceed your plan limit. We will not update your plan without your approval.

  • Is my data privacy respected?

    Yes. Compared to web application firewalls, Sqreen doesn't redirect your traffic. Furthermore, Sqreen doesn't collect any PIIs, passwords or secrets as the security data is scrubbed before being sent to your dashboard.

  • Can I see my usage metrics?

    Yes. Start your trial or connect to your Sqreen account to get an estimation of your monthly usage or a full overview of your current usage.

  • Do you offer discounts for open source projects or nonprofit organizations?

    Yes! Contact us at to apply for a discount or get a free plan.

  • How long does it (really) take to install Sqreen?

    You can install Sqreen in less than a minute. Just deploy it and you’re done.

  • Can I change my plan at a later time? Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes and yes!

  • Can I pay annually?

    You most certainly can. and you'll get 1 month for free — 12 months for the price of 11! Just contact us to set this up together.

  • Looking for more information?

    Just contact us at or call us at +1 415 992 7985.

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