Protecting your apps will pay off

Every paid plan starts with a 14-day free trial.
No credit card required.
Seed $99 / month

1 Million HTTP Requests / month

$30 / million
additional requests

1 month Data retention

Unlimited Apps

API Access

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Startup $249 / month

10 Million HTTP Requests / month

$15 / million
additional requests

1 month Data retention

Unlimited Apps

API Access

Email support

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Growth $499 / month

50 Million HTTP Requests / month

$15 / million
additional requests

2 months Data retention

Unlimited Apps

API Access

Priority support Phone & Chat

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Enterprise Let's Talk

Unlimited number of requests & Data retention

Dedicated infrastructure for unparalleled performance

Dedicated customer Solutions Engineer

Enterprise-class SLA

Exclusive Enterprise Premium Options

Custom Authentication

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All our plans include:

Developer sandbox

Interested in getting started quickly developing with the Sqreen API? The free Developer sandbox is for you.

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Have a question?

  • What's a request?

    We count the number of HTTP requests that all your production applications handle.

  • How long does it (really) take to install Sqreen?

    You can install Sqreen in 3 commands. It should take around 30 seconds!

  • How does the 14 days free trial work?

    Our trial is a full-featured free trial for 14 days that you can start using instantly. No credit card required so you won’t be charged until you are ready to buy. There is also no limitation in terms of number of requests. You can choose the plan that fits your needs at the end of the trial. Your app won’t be protected anymore at the end of your trial.

  • Can I cancel my plan?

    Of course! You can cancel your plan anytime.

  • No code modification, really? Do you have access to my sensitive information?

    Your applications are instrumented automatically at runtime. No code modification, no traffic redirection, the protection is brought in place and your privacy is respected.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    We use Stripe and accept all major credit cards. If you would like to get invoiced and pay us another way, please contact us.

  • What if I exceed my paid plan limits?

    Our plans are shaped to provide the flexibility you need to scale your infrastructure. You will be notified by email a few days before reaching the quota that is applied on your plan. You will be able to upgrade your plan anytime to fit your security needs on the long term.

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