Application Security Reinvented

Safer Apps. Happier Customers. Connected Teams.

Detect suspicious activity before breaches happen

Sqreen’s dashboard gives an overview on the overall security of your app. Know when your app is at risk.

Detect attackers early

Spot the users attacking your app or API. Detect Tor usage, suspicious logins, known malicious IPs or users, geo-location anomalies and more.

Prioritize your security efforts

No more alert fatigue. Only get notified when important security events occur. Get severity levels on all the security anomalies happening in your app.

Protect your customers

Prevent customer data from being leaked. Detect account takeovers or brute force attempts. Flag simultaneous connections, shared accounts or unusual activities.

Block attacks in real-time

Enable the protection mode to block attacks ranging from OWASP Top 10, Account Takeovers, Brute force attacks, bad bots and more.

Stop worrying about security patches

Identify libraries putting your app at risk. Sqreen let’s you know when new vulnerable dependencies are detected in your app.

Frictionless vulnerability remediation

Get the full context of an attack. Developers can easily fix vulnerabilities using the stack traces, payload and full attack context of attacks.

Easily enforce security headers

Enable security headers in just a couple of clicks. No more hassle configuring a Content Security Policy (CSP), Sqreen does it for you.


Plug Security on your project, integrate Sqreen with your tools.

And more to come…

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