Application Security Reinvented

Safer Apps. Happier Customers. Connected Teams.

Protect your app from intrusions

Unprecedented visibility into your security

Get real-time insights into your application's security. Receive notifications for the most critical security events.

Easily enforce security headers

Automatically inject necessary security headers in just a few clicks. No more hassle configuring complex headers like the Content Security Policy (CSP).

Automatically shut down attacks in real-time

Block attacks in real-time with protections against OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, brute force, security bots and more.

Stop worrying about security patches

Identify libraries putting your app at risk. Sqreen lets you know when new vulnerable dependencies are detected in your app.

Defend your users from data theft and fraud

Detect account takeovers in minutes

React quickly to protect your customers. Sqreen notifies you about brute force and account takeover attempts.

Prevent fraudulent activity

Spot unusual behaviors like account sharing, lost passwords, or define your own custom events with Sqreen’s adaptive risk model.

Detect attackers early

Spot authenticated users attacking your app

Catch the users performing attacks on your app. From SQL injections to XSS or HTTP errors and scans, Sqreen links all security events to authenticated users in your app.

Identify suspicious activity before it’s too late

Monitor suspicious activities with Sqreen’s behavioral security analytics. Detect attackers stressing your app, connections from malicious IPs, Tor-connections and more.


Plug security into your project, integrate Sqreen with your tools.

And more to come…

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