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Monitor your app's security

Key features

  • Application security monitoring

    Get detailed insights about all the attacks targeting your application. Type of attack, path, host, IP, payload, time, etc.

  • Developer-friendly remediation details

    The full stack trace, documentation, and recommended actions are provided on every attack.

  • Identify attackers and fraudsters early

    Get a risk score on all your users to stop attacks or fraud before it’s too late. See the users victim of account takeovers, performing attacks, connecting via TOR, etc.

  • Smart notifications

    Focus on what matters. Only receive notifications about major security events: attacks, large security scans, bursts of HTTP errors, suspicious geolocations from your users, etc.

  • Spot vulnerable dependencies

    Get notified in real-time when new vulnerabilities are discovered in your third-party packages.

Protect your app and customers

Key features

  • Block attacks at runtime

    Block the most dangerous attacks in real-time: OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), Shell injections, and a lot more.

  • Block security scanners and bad bots

    Prevent security scanners, bad bots, and scrapers from targeting your application.

  • Protect your customers

    Detect account takeovers or brute force attempts targeting your customers. Flag simultaneous connections, shared accounts, risky locations, or unusual activities.

  • Enterprise-grade accuracy

    Confidently use Sqreen's protection mode in production. No legitimate traffic is blocked.

  • Get started in minutes

    Install Sqreen like a standard module in your app. No hardware, no code modification or maintenance is required.

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