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Continuously protect your app against attacks

Key features

  • Prevent real-time attacks

    Protect against SQL injections, cross-site scripting and most generic threats.

  • Logic protection

    Protect logic and prevent undisclosed vulnerabilities. Get more info

  • Intelligent notifications

    Only get notified on major security events. Your app stays protected.

  • Protect vulnerable dependencies

    Protect from vulnerabilities in third-party packages.

  • No configuration and no maintenance

    Install Sqreen like any other standard module. No code modification or traffic redirection.

  • Get rid of false-positives

    Extremely low false-positive rate thanks to in-app security logic.

Protect your users from account takeovers

Key features

  • Account takeovers protection

    Get actionable details about account takeovers or password bruteforces.

  • Suspicious geolocation activities

    Flag simultaneous connections, risky locations, or unusual activities.

  • Bots and fraud

    Be notified of user activity/creation generated by non human behaviors.

  • Darknet and anonymous connections

    Quickly identify which of your users connect through DarkNet, TOR or VPNs.

  • Accounts performing attacks

    Get visibility over attackers logged into your app.

  • Risk scores

    Identify users that need your attention and focus on what matters.

Actionable remediation details

  • Attack details provide developer-friendly informations to fix code vulnerabilities
  • The attack source, payload, and full backtrace are provided
  • Identify what the hacker was targeting in your app
  • Sqreen keeps your apps protected at any time. Remediate without time pressure

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