App Security, at last.

Bring your software development workflows to security

How Sqreen works

Sqreen achitecture product
Build secure web apps

Build security into your app

Identify vulnerabilities in your code

Security protections made for your stack

  • Sqreen automatically recommends plugins made for your app technology (frameworks, databases, template engines)
  • Enable them in just one click
Identify vulnerabilities in your code

Your security. Your rules

  • Every plugin comes with default triggers and actions
  • Easily customize the triggers and actions directly from your interface
  • Actions range from: blocking the attack, logging a stack trace, escape the executable code, block an IP and more
  • Send notifications on the tools you use: with custom WebHooks, Slack, PagerDuty and more
Protect your app

Keep your apps and users protected in real-time

Identify vulnerabilities in your code

Shut down attacks before they break your app

  • Protect your app against Cross-site Scripting (XSS), SQL/NoSQL injections, Shell injections and many more attacks. Check all plugins
  • By adapting to your stack, Sqreen will detect and block attacks without false positives.
Identify vulnerabilities in your code

Protect your users from data theft and fraud

  • Protect your customers against account takeovers and brute force attacks.
  • Fight against fraud with detection of shared accounts, simultaneous connections, multiple geo-locations, ghost accounts etc.
Get visibility

Get real-time insights into your app security

Identify vulnerabilities in your code

Focus on what matters

  • Monitor your app security in real-time with actionable dashboards, reports and smart notifications.
  • Get alerted when your app is under attack and requires your attention.
Identify vulnerabilities in your code

Stay one step ahead of attackers

  • Identify users or IPs that start stressing your application.
  • Get the full attack history to retrace the attacker’s journey step by step.
  • Get a real-time user scoring and risk profiling to identify suspicious user accounts.

Built for developers and modern apps

Fully compatible with modern infrastructures and architectures

Cloud: Deploy Sqreen on any cloud provider.
Containers / Microservices / APIs / SPA

Built with performance in mind

Low CPU impact (<4%)
No memory overhead

Easy install

Sqreen is just a library to add to your app. Get started in under 3 minutes. No heavy configuration or maintenance.

Reliable protection

Sqreen’s protection acts locally, at the heart of your application, guaranteeing you an active protection, 24/7

Privacy by design

No PII or sensitive data collection
No traffic redirection.

Build amazing products. Keep them safe.

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