Ruby Security Handbook
Security Cheat Sheet

Ruby Security Handbook

It’s not always obvious what needs doing, and the payoffs of good security are at best obscure. Who is surprised when it falls off our priority lists? Sqreen’s mission is to empower engineers to build secure, reliable web applications. We’ve put our security knowledge to work in compiling an actionable list of security best practices to help you protect your Ruby applications. Download the cheat sheet to learn about Ruby security.

Here are some of the Ruby security things that you will learn:

  • Catch vulnerabilities before pushing to production
  • Avoid XSS in Ruby. Prevent SQL injections
  • Avoid using fs, child_process and vm modules with user data
  • Integrate security tools in your workflow
  • How to make sur your infrastructure is secure
  • How to meet your application security needs

Download the free Cheat Sheet

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