Security Cheat Sheet

SAST, DAST, and RASP: A guide to the new security alphabet soup

You take your web application’s security seriously. Perhaps you’re rightly worried about the potential destructive power of a data breach, or you need to reassure your customers that you’re implementing best-in-class security procedures. Regardless, you aren’t interested in playing games or security theater. You need effective solutions. In this cheat sheet, you will learn the differences between SAST, DAST and RASP and when to use the one over the other.

Here are some of the security insights that you will learn:

  • Choosing between finding vulnerabilities and detecting and stopping attacks.
  • What is Application Security Testing (AST)?
  • What is Static Application Security Testing (SAST)?
  • What is Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)?
  • What is Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)?
  • What is the best security tool to protect your applications?

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