Securing Legacy PHP Apps
Security Cheat Sheet

Securing Legacy PHP Apps

Legacy app security is a challenge for most development teams. How to keep an app secure without any active development? This actionable eBook will give a series of approaches and techniques which you can use to help ensure that your legacy applications are either as secure as they can be or are becoming ever more secure. It focuses on PHP but most of the learnings can also be applied to protect other legacy technologies.

Here are some of the security best practices that you will learn:

  • How to analyse your current security status quo
  • How to test your app with security scanners
  • How to improve your security one step at the time
  • How to use the OWASP top ten principles to secure your app
  • How to make sure your app is not relying on vulnerable third-party code
  • How to integrate a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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